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Trees = oxygen [userpic]

December 20th, 2006 (10:01 am)

current mood: melancholy

12 20 06
This morning I dreamt I went to Mike’s memorial
party. I was with __? “that’s Mike” I said, pointing towards Mike who was sitting at a table talking to someone, he looked at me.

Maybe this means as people gather to
remember him that Mike will be brought
to life for one more night. Maybe some benevolent guides who
seek to reassure me are saying “see, death is an illusion, you just change
forms”. All I know is, if there is any justice or kindness in this
Universe of ours, in any Gods that may exist, they will look at Mike and see he did the best he could, he struggled…a lot I think, but despite all his pain and struggling he had this huge light in him, the light was beautiful and
hopefully it’s still out there somewhere illuminating the darkness.